"With Market Hub we are pricing smartly, increasing our profits and avoiding wasteful discounting"

Tom Grattan, Store Manager
Spar, London, UK

About us

The way we shop has fundamentally changed, however the way retailers manage their pricing has not. Many retailers are in a race to the bottom and reliant on strategies like price matching, excessive discounting and supplier based incentives to try to beat the competition.

At Market Hub we want to stop the race to the bottom and give retailers the tools they need to easily make and implement smart decisions for their business. Our software, “Pulse” combines our pricing intelligence software and our demand planning analytics to achieve over 10 times return on investment for retailers. Pulse allows retailers to find the perfect price for every product and reduce waste whilst making the collection, analysis and action of data easy in order to improve sales, reduce waste and grow margins.

We make it easy to implement these changes too with Electronic Shelf Labels which make changing prices quick, simple and accurate. ESLs lets you take the power back from online retailers and adjust prices just as quickly and intelligently as they can to get the best deal for you and your customers. You will also take back hours spent on changing paper labels every month.

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We collect your sales data easily, with no disruption

Market Hub collects data easily thanks to our integrations with virtually any ERP & EPoS, meaning you can carry on running your business without any disruption as we work in the background taking sales and waste information straight from your PoS.

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We focus on what that matters to you

Once we have your sales and waste history we analyse it, looking for trends that will make you money. We identify the consistent waste that is draining your profits and find the perfect price for every item. We are always clear and concise and focus on sales, waste, stock and margins so we can help you and your business grow.

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We love action

We only give recommendations that you can act upon. There is no uncertainty with Market Hub. Our recommendations are clear, actionable and will increase your margins and grow your business.

  • Pulse recommendations - we study your historic sales and waste information and deliver smart recommendations to increase your margins and grow your business
  • Dynamic pricing displays - any price changes you make can be implemented straight away with no disruption or loss of working time thanks to our Electronic Shelf Labels

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