Why Market Hub?

The way customer's shop has fundamentally changed however the way retailers price has not. Many retailers are in a race to the bottom and are relying on pricing strategies such as price matching, excessive discounting and supplier incentives to try to beat the competition. Market Hub believes price should be a function demand or differentiation. Market Hub has developed a dynamic pricing tool kit that helps our customer deliver optimal pricing to compete with confidence

Market Hub’s tool kit allows small to mid cap retailers to mirror the dynamic pricing capabilities and controls many large or online retailers enjoy today. Market Hub delivers key data simply, focusing on what retailers need to know about Sales, Margin, and Waste benefits.

Our Mission

Our customers will come to love Market Hub for what they will learn about their business on any given day, week or month.

The Experience

Market Hub will be a destination service that brings its customer’s trading benefits that will also help them to avoid making losses. Its data will be clear and will focus on what retailers need to know about (Sales, Margin, Wastage, Stock Turns and Operational Savings).

Actionable Data

Our team will deliver a service that Collects & Analyses which allows retailers to act on the data provided in a rapid manner.

What Sets Us Apart

We don’t boil the ocean

We focus on weekly top 10’s that allows the retailer to act on must do priorities to enhance their sales, margins and/or reduce waste.

We keep our technical approach and the delivery simple and actionable

We don’t want to be another dashboard service, our reporting service is about bite size information that is actionable.

Our customer focus

We provide a highly cost effective service priced to allow the smaller retailer access to highly sophisticated dynamic pricing tools that to date have been cost prohibitive.

Truly dynamic pricing from PoS directly to the shelf

Pulse is the only pricing intelligence service that has created a seamless operating system that links directly to display making the shelf truly dynamic

Open source ethos

We believe that our competitors only care about selling their own products but forget that through open partnership and linking to complimentary technologies can the customer experience be truly unique this is why we have an open API.

A focus on real problems

Our innovation and technical approach is about solving real retail problems not about blinding people with science e.g. if they have a profit problem we deal with that and if they have waste problem then its waste we solve.


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