Reacting to the current market is key to a successful company, dynamic pricing is a tremendous tool in optimising growth and sales figures by responding to customer needs and the trends of the market. Through partnership between Market Hub and SES/Imagotag prices can be updated instantaneously creating a truly dynamic shelf edge.

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    Pulse Reporting Service

    Pulse reports on opportunities to increase sales, margin and reduce waste by presenting retailers with finite list of prices and waste actions to act upon at individual store level in order to increase profit, sales and margin. Beyond just price optimisation and waste management Pulse also provides retailers with the power to act through a dynamic electronic pricing display network in partnership with Imagotag/SES who have >150M pricing displays in the market across 10,000 stores.


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    Dynamic Pricing

    Dynamic pricing allows increased speed and frequency of competitive price monitoring and elimination of lag in price change execution, enabling retailers to strategically implement on and offline competitive positioning, price image and financial objectives. We achieve this through bringing together Competitive Data Monitoring, Price Optimization and Shopper Demand Insights all delivered through our ePaper Shelf Edge Displays as part of one single ERP integration software platform creating the following benefits:

    Profit Maximisation

    Reduced waste

    Increased turnover

    Lower stock-keeping costs

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    Electronic Sales Labels

    Pulse allows seamless integration to dynamic electronic displays in partnership with the World’s largest display manufacture SES/Imagotag. Creating a truly dynamic pricing strategy by instant price updates and a more in depth customer interaction through NFC technology. The labels can be manually updated on site or remotely from head office to provide up to 99% pricing accuracy and the priceless value of customer confidence in your pricing.