Market Hub integrates with virtually any point of sale software via our web-service Pulse through a combination of file sharing or API services. For the most part enterprise and point of sales software is designed and developed to manage the retailers product life cycles but rarely does it provide predictive analysis or machine learning forecasting.

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    Market Hub Partnership

    We all need better information in order to make decisions with confidence and conviction. Market Hub partners with retailers and ePoS vendors bringing its highly effective predictive applications that uses machine learning algorithms to deliver waste analysis, forward demand planning recommendations and predictive optimum pricing.

    Additional services like dynamic display integration, dynamic pricing and competitor price monitoring can all be utilised once the point of sales software is linked to Market Hub.

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    What data we require

    Typicially the information that we request from the API will be product codes, product descriptions, sales date, sales time, stock levels, wastage, price, cost, tax and promotion details. We normally look up to 2 years of sales data however don’t worry if you do not have this as we can help you on your sales trends, forecasting and waste management programs.

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    The API

    Market Hub’s secure API is built on the MVC WebAPi. Authenticated users can interact with any of our URIs by using the specified HTTP request method. We recommend using SSL encryption by making requests through HTTPS and as a result is compulsory. API documentation is available upon request.